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Liz Miller

I help my clients work on fears, phobias, unwanted habits, performance, life stresses and pain.

As we live and move through life’s transitions, our decisions create the life we live with. Our decisions are often based on trying to move away from something unpleasant or moving towards something we think is far better. It is helpful to determine whether situations we are trying to avoid may actually be springboards to even better goals not yet considered. Hypnosis helps us receive guidance from our hidden, inner wisdom.

Certified Hypnotherapist

I use techniques from Hypnosis, NLP, EFT and Internal Family Systems to help my clients uncover how their memories color their ways of looking at the world. Whether we are in a difficult relationship, can’t seem to find life satisfying, feel restless and confused or we are fallen by grief, by entering the subconscious mind novel solutions and relief rise to the surface. As clients become acquainted with deeper aspects of themselves, they often and unexpectedly experience a ripple effect where perceived problems simply defuse. It is our goal to replace discomfort and dis-ease with a sense of peace, contentment and ease that allows us to live with meaning, purpose and fulfillment.



The University of San Diego, San Diego, CA


California State University at Northridge, Northridge, CA


The Hypnotherapy Academy of America, Albuquerque, NM


The NLP University, Santa Cruz, CA


EFT Universe, San Diego, CA