What is hypnosis?

Liz Miller, M.Ed., C.C.Ht.

You are about to enter a journey of inner exploration.

In hypnosis, the usually unknown mental blocks that keep us from living our lives contently begin to become obvious. As these blocks are recognized for what they are and what they are doing, we begin to embrace who we were meant to be. And we begin to start living an authentic life with a clear purpose. We begin to undo unnecessary and unwanted rules, rules imposed upon us (often by our well-meaning parents) long before we can even remember absorbing them. We begin to create personal environments and social relationships that are better suited to our unique temperament and aspirations.

A journey of inner exploration.

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Measuring our lives by another person’s success leads us down paths of continual comparison and significant unhappiness. In hypnosis our goal is to reveal our personal strengths and innate talents and move fully into them. By developing our personal gifts, and relaxing demands from the outside, our daily living becomes fresh and rewarding.

“You feel your body loosen its grip, feel yourself sinking into the chair, while your mind becomes highly focused.”

Going into hypnosis, or trance as I call it, creates the sensation of “falling awake.” You feel your body loosen its grip, feel yourself sinking into the chair, while your mind becomes highly focused. It isn’t that you are not aware of what is going on around you while in hypnosis. To the contrary, you are aware of everything, but all that matters in this state is the thought or vision right in front of you. This alpha state is akin to driving down a freeway while listening to a wonderful song. We lose conscious awareness of how we are driving while listening. And it is in this state that we often get an Ah-Ha, as the solution to a problem just pops right up. Yet, while listening to the radio and driving, you barely noticed other cars, your reflexes somehow managed to avoid hitting anything, you stopped at every stoplight and pulled right into your parking place.You might think how fast the trip just went. This is hypnosis.

Falling awake.

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It is completely normal to feel you are not really under. Or that maybe you are just making things up. This is rarely the case. A trained hypnotherapist knows when a client is in trance. In trance, you still hear all outside sounds, like a motorcycle passing by, sense movement in the room, but you will find that none of this seems to be of any concern. People become very good at going into trance very quickly. After a session or two, all that is needed to relax readily into trance is to just get into the recliner.

At no time can a person in trance do anything that goes against their moral code. That fear is part of Hollywood and stage hypnosis myths. In movies and on stage we see people do outrageous things, with apparently no recollection afterwards. These participants are people who eagerly came to the event, they truly want to do outrageous things in front of an audience (we call them hams) and these people are carefully selected by screeners scanning the audience, even though the process of selecting who goes on stage appears to be random. You see, looking hilariously silly in front of an audience is already part of what these people came to do, and when they find themselves among the chosen, they are primed to fulfill the audience’s expectations and easily succumb to the hypnotist’s suggestions.


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The other side of hypnosis is Clinical Hypnosis, where we protect and nurture and never embarrass. We are looking for the influential statements or events in your life that formed your beliefs – these beliefs or rules, which are hidden from our everyday logical thinking, formed our opinions and it is these rules that block our being successful with what we want for our lives.

So, we look at what is stopping you from living in the way you always wanted for yourself. While some people want to fulfill very specific goals such as deciding on a better job, others are feeling a general disappointment in living and want to feel really alive again. Others have physical discomfort,are struggling with addictions, obsessions and compulsions or having a serious illness. Whatever is bothering you, whether it is physical or mental, we can discover the subconscious cause.

These beliefs are knee-jerk. These beliefs block us from doing that which we say we want, before we even realize it. They make us miserable with their hidden rules, attitudes and inflexibility. This includes whether: we feel safe, how likeable we think we are to others, how much talent we think we have, and just plain are we as worthy as others, etc. For the most part, every action or inaction we take is highly influenced by what these unseen rules tell us – that is the inner voice we hear saying, “You can’t do that!” These rules are responsible for how our past went for us, and they will dictate how the future will surely go. When these beliefs are mistaken, misunderstood, and often not at all true, they damage both good health and living in contentment.


“You are about to exchange a sense of wondering where your life is going to one of ownership, choice and a curiosity about all experiences that cross your path.”

Hypnotherapy holds that if erroneous beliefs can find a way into our subconscious mind, they can find a way out! All limiting beliefs can be updated into beliefs appropriate to living today. Even outside circumstances change for the better. You begin to feel like yourself. You feel good about who this unique “self” is and about what this self is yearning to be like and do.

Hypnosis is an invitation to discover the freedom to choose a better direction, to relieve fatigue and pain, to re-kindle relationships that have become distant, or see that you can leave situations that no longer serve your well-being. You are about to exchange a sense of wondering where your life is going to one of ownership, choice and a curiosity about all experiences that cross your path. I am here to inspire you, support you and help you authentically celebrate your life.


Photographs courtesy of Unsplash